2019 LATCH Manual

We are pleased to announce that The Car Seat Group has become the Canadian distributor for the LATCH Manual published by Safe Ride News!

“The 11th edition of this essential resource for CPS Technicians working with caregivers will provide important guidance for the proper use of the LATCH system, including general advice as well as new and updated instructions from manufacturers about specific CRs and vehicles.”

why it is beneficial

The LATCH Manual is a valuable resource for a technician both at home and curbside

  • Tether Locations & Information
  • Car Seat & Vehicle Manufacturer Specifics
  • Loved by many Technicians
  • UAS/LUAS Locations & Limits
  • Great CPST Resource​
  • Up to date information

Want a LATCH Manual of your own?

2019 LATCH manuals now available!