The Car Seat Group

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About Us

The Car Seat Group was started in 2010 as the brain child of Barbara Baines.  It is a fluid group of highly trained, technical individuals that have the same vision of child safety.  Barbara is the sole owner and senior consultant for the group.

Barbara Baines - Senior Consultant/Owner

Barbara has spent the last 35 years ensuring that children are safe in vehicles.  She is retired from Transport Canada where she held various positions as a car seat specialist in defects, compliance, collision analysis, recalls and being the public face and voice of child safety for the department.  

She has a B.A. in Anthropology (Physical/Forensic) and is a Level IV collision investigator.  She has a total of approximately 25 publications concerning the safety of children in motor vehicle collisions, the Canadian standards and various technician and instructor training manuals. 

She has spoken and presented at seminars across Canada and the United States.  Barbara has worked very closely with car seat manufacturers, the vehicle manufacturers, various police departments, paramedics, and insurance groups as well as legal experts in Canada and the USA. In addition, Barbara has worked with many Provincial, State, National and International Governments as a specialist in her field and consultant.

She has trained approximately 4,000 technicians, instructors and instructor trainers.

You can contact Barbara at  [email protected]

James Fitzpatrick - Senior Consultant

James has worked in the field of car seat safety for the past 10 years as a technician, instructor, instructor trainer and consultant.  James is the Canadian Compliance Engineer for Graco in Canada and runs seminars on car seat safety across Canada.  He has been a contributing author for several of the training program updates.

James has trained a number of Canadian manufacturers on car seat safety in addition to running many car seat safety clinics and education events.

You can contact James at [email protected]