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what we do

Child safety is important to us, and we want to ensure that all Canadian children are as safe as they possibly can be while travelling in a vehicle.

technician Training

From training technicians and instructors, to SN courses, the Car Seat Group offers a wide range of in-depth courses.


The Car Seat Group is available to consult with manufacturers and other professionals on any topic of child safety.

advocate training

This course gives retail, public health, and more, the option to become knowledgeable in the field of child safety.

a safe ride, every time

Read The Manuals!

Always read the car seat and vehicle manual before using and installing a car seat.

Go Slow!

There is no rush to switch car seats or stages. Children should ride in each stage until they hit the maximum limit for their car seat in that specific mode.

Meet With A CPST!

Hands-on help can make all the difference! Meet with a CPST to learn how to properly and confidently use and install your child's car seat.

Discover our professionals

Car Seat Group is comprised of individuals with many years of experience and education. We guarantee you will get accurate, up to date information and training. 

Barbara Baines

Sr. Consultant

James fitzpatrick

sr. Consultant

what they are saying about us

Not only do we train new technicians and instructors, we foster relationships to build a strong knit community of child safety professionals across Canada. 

The collective knowledge of Barb and James is overwhelming at times. They both have so much information in their heads and care so much about the CPS field that sometimes I feel like I’m out of my league. It is such an honour to work alongside them and an even bigger honour to call them my friends.